General Rules

  1. All clientele must check in at the beginning of every session whether on the designated device or with your coach.
  2. All members are expected to act in a courteous, caring, respectful and responsible manner.
  3. Parents must respect the knowledge of every one of the coaches and must remember that they are bringing their children to Fastrak Performance for a reason. Let us coach!
  4. Verbally abusive behavior, including angry or vulgar language, swearing, name-calling or shouting may result in immediate removal from the building, suspension of membership, or termination of membership.
  5. Harassment or intimidation by words, gestures, body language or any type of menacing behavior may result in immediate removal from the building, suspension of membership, or termination of membership.
  6. Sexually revealing attire exposing midriff, cleavage or buttocks is considered inappropriate and may result in immediate removal from the building, suspension of membership, or termination of membership.
  7. Children aged 11 and under must be under the direct supervision of an adult (18 years or older) in the facility.
  8. School-aged youth may not be in the facility while school is in session unless participating in a school-sponsored program.
  9. Fastrak Performance is not responsible for items that are lost, stolen or damaged. All members are encouraged to leave valuables at home and lock personal items in a locker while utilizing the facility.
  10. All facilities are smoke-free. Smoking will not be tolerated and may result in immediate removal from the building and grounds, suspension of membership, or termination of membership.
  11. Members may be refused admittance if suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Substance use will not be tolerated and may result in immediate removal from the building, suspension of membership, or termination of membership.
  12. Lost and found items will be kept in the Membership Department for a period of one week. Items left after one week will be thrown out or donated to Goodwill or the Salvation Army.
  13. In the case of an accident or incident, a staff member must be notified and an accident/incident report must be filed and submitted to the appropriate department head. In the case of first responder assistance, all members of the party must remain on the premises until they are released by responder personnel.
  14. Theft or behavior that results in the destruction or loss of property may result in immediate removal from the building, suspension of membership, or termination of membership.

Dress Code:

  • Shirts must be worn at all times (working out shirtless or in sports bras is not permitted) to avoid direct skin contact with mats, benches, and other equipment that is subject to contamination or infection.
  • Clothing with offensive, derogatory or sexual nature is not permitted. Participants who are dressed inappropriately will be asked to adjust as needed or asked to leave the facility.
  • Appropriate athletic footwear is required in all activity areas.


  • No open beverage containers, food, gum, alcoholic beverages, or tobacco products are allowed in the facility. Only sports bottles containing water or sports drinks are allowed.
  • Bags or personal items are not permitted in the weight room, group exercise room, sports performance area, or hallways/walkways.
  • Lockers may be rented for select individuals.
  • Fastrak Performance staff will NOT hold personal items for patrons.
  • Fastrak Performance does not assume liability for property loss.


  • Intermittent cleanup may occur at any time for safety/sanitary reasons. Staff members have the authority to stop all activities at any time until the situation is corrected.

Weight Room & Sports Performance Areas

  • Nobody under the age of eighteen (18) may enter either area unless accompanied by one of our certified specialists.
  • Children must remain in the waiting area unless attending a class ran by one of our Fastrak Coaches.
  • Weights and other equipment may not be removed from their original locations.

Indoor Turf/Batting Cages

  • The indoor synthetic turf areas are only available for those who have scheduled rental times, are participating in one of our fitness programs.
  • Climbing the nets or leaning on the large turf perimeter lining is prohibited.
  • The following activities or items are NOT allowed on the synthetic turf fields:
    • Food or drink on the field surface (water only)
    • sunflower seeds and gum
    • Metal cleats and spikes (only formed rubber cleats are allowed)
  • Failure to comply with these rules will result in users being asked to leave and/or immediate cancellation of reservation.

Group Exercise

  • All individuals who have met the membership requirements as well as paid the necessary fees are able to participate in the classes and programs.
  • In accordance with our weight room policy, participants under the age of eighteen (18) are not permitted in group exercise programs unless accompanied by an adult or certified fitness instructor.
  • Classes may be cancelled and/or the schedule modified during the year due to weather, holidays, and/or facility closings. Notice will be given in the even of class cancellation and/or a schedule modification. The schedule is subject to change on short notice.
  • In order to provide safe, fun and effective classes for all participants and instructors the classes will be limited in size. There is a limited amount of equipment provided; attendance of participants cannot exceed the amount of equipment needed to participate fully in class.

Locker Rooms & Bathrooms

  • Children over the age of four (4) must use the appropriate locker room for their gender.
  • For the privacy of everyone, the use of audio or visual recording devices, including a cell phone camera is PROHIBITED in changing areas, bathrooms or locker rooms.
  • All personal items must be locked in a secure locker (member access only). Fastrak Performance is not responsible for lost or stolen items or items vacated due to unauthorized use.
  • Fastrak Performance is not responsible for storing items left in lockers longer than two weeks. After this period, items will be thrown away or donated.
  • Fastrak Performance is not responsible for theft or damage to personal property left in lockers.


  • Photography, video, and audio recording are not permitted in the facility without prior approval from Fastrak Performance. In addition, permission must be obtained from any individuals before photographing or recording.


  • If a client is late for any lessons, classes, or programs, participation will be permitted but due to scheduling we will not be able to make up their lost time.
  • Individual training sessions will only be rescheduled or reimbursed if the client gives the coach at least a 12 or more hour notice before the scheduled appointment.


  • Only staff members are allowed access to the front desk, offices, file cabinets, storage rooms, break rooms, and first aid kits.
  • All parents and children are guests in our facility and expected to treat our building as they would being guests in anyone’s home.
  • Children under age 12 must be supervised at all times. Please make sure you are responsible for your children’s behavior and safety at all times.