In-Season Program:

The In-Season program is just one of our school year training classes that we have to offer. The in-season program was designed to give athletes a chance to train while still in the season but not being pushed so hard that they can’t perform. During this program we will cover the different aspects of being a better athlete. These will include movement, strength, power, and mobility. The athletes will alternate in between the turf and the weight room for these classes.

Off-Season Program:

The Off-Season program that we are offering during the school year is for any athlete that isn’t currently playing a sport or may want to get ready for their main sport. We are offering this program to held aid the athletes in receiving any of the strength and movement benefits that they may not be getting from their school programs.


The recovery class was designed to help all of our athletes that we have and any athlete that wants to drop-in get the edge on their competition by going through an extensive recovery class after a week full of training and games.