Individual Training

Our one-on-one training sessions with our athletes are completely tailored plans that are created by our qualified staff after consulting with the athlete. The consultation is a completely free session where we will learn about you, your athletic ability, and what your goals are. Our coaches then design an individualized program based on your goals and sport-specific demands to improve your athletic performance. All of our programs are based on tested fundamentals and current research that guarantees results in every single athlete that comes through our facility. We will constantly test and adjust the programming as needed through your progression while you are here.

Benefits of our athlete one-on-one sessions:

  • Decrease injury risk
  • Improve and increase functional movement
  • Build Strength and Power
  • Increase Speed and Agility
  • Increase Endurance and Flexibility
  • Improve overall athletic performance
  • Build confidence in each athlete

Group Training

Group Size: 2 – 9 Athletes


The group training sessions that we offer here at Fastrak Performance were designed for groups of athletes that are in the same sport or even the same team that want to improve together. All sessions are individualized to the needs of that sport and then we also take that and break it down further for each person that is involved in the group and focus on what they may need more/less of.


A more cost effective way to get the best training possible for your athlete.

Team Training

Team Size: 10+


Our Team Training is specifically for teams that are looking to take their players to the next level. Depending on the size of your team we may have up to 3 of our performance coaches training your team at one time to ensure that every single athlete is improving on the team. Team training is a great way to introduce injury prevention if your team has not yet done so. Our coaches first priority is keeping your athletes healthy and safe while they play for your teams.


Allow us to show you why our coaches should be training your athletes and the level of training you will receive.